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My name is Joe O'Keefe. I've been fascinated with the topic of forgiveness throughout my life.


I was raised in a huge Irish-Catholic family (12 siblings!), and the conflicts within the family were a steady lesson in forgiveness (or lack thereof) and reconciliation. As a journalist in Mississippi, I had a firsthand perspective on crimes and civll rights issues, which were instructive for understanding healing and reconciliation in a broader, community context. Working with the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, I gained a fuller appreciation of what happens when nations harbor age-old grievances and find it impossible to fully humanize, much less forgive, their antagonists.


This site does not espouse any specific approach to forgiveness -- psychological, spiritual, ideological, or social. It does not suggest the threshold conditions for beginning a journey of forgiveness. Rather, it simply aims to be a resource for those grappling with any aspect of forgiveness. To counterbalance sanctimony, this site includes skeptical, even cynical, views of forgiveness and of the broader possibility of grace or redemption through such an endeavor.


I am on my own journey, seeking forgiveness from others for the pain I have caused, and trying to extend forgiveness to others. My rule of thumb on forgiveness is to be wary of those who take extreme, simplistic positions on the matter. It's messy and painful -- healing a broken bone is easier -- but worthwhile to reflect upon for its own sake, for the sake of broader well-being, and for lives as members of society.

I am steadily growing this site as a focal point for my own inquiry, and I thought that sharing it with others might help. Donations and suggestions are welcome. As with forgiveness, I am still trying to figure the damn thing out.

Thanks! Message sent.

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